Apple Honey for the Win!

This delicious concoction is criminally easy to make, and you can store what you don’t use in airtight containers for later use. Cored Apples, skin on (The sweeter the apple, the sweeter the syrup) Lemon Pectin (thickener) Boil apples until soft, then puree. Separate pulp from the juice by straining through a cheesecloth. Add juice and lemon (to taste) to a saucepan; bring to a … Continue reading Apple Honey for the Win!

Serryn Tracey’s Mean Chili

Personal Trainer Serryn Tracey isn’t one to hold back when it comes to much of anything. That’s true for both fitness and for food. Anyone who trains with her can attest to her philosophy of just diving in and going for it. Anyone who eats with her know’s she’s not a three-leaf salad and lemon water type… she’s all about eating and enjoying every bite! … Continue reading Serryn Tracey’s Mean Chili

Lentil Soup

Overnight Soaked Lentils (doesn’t matter which variety) Large Vidalia Onion, diced 3-5 cloves of fresh garlic, mashed Bell Pepper, diced Baby Red Potatoes, finely diced Carrots (optional), diced Cilantro, chopped Celery (optional), diced Tomatoes (optional), diced Grapeseed oil Saute one large Vidalia Onion and 3-5 cloves of fresh garlic in ½ teaspoon of Grapeseed oil. Add bell peppers or any other vegetables, except cilantro, and … Continue reading Lentil Soup

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…

Much has been debated about which is better: Red Potatoes or Brown… or even Yellow or Purple ones? Each are good in their own right, but in the end it comes down to what you want from what you eat. SKIN: Much of the nutritional value of a potato is found in its skin. Red potatoes are particularly healthy because of the thin, nutrient filled … Continue reading One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…

Averill Kessee’s Sexy Yam Fries

Personal Trainer Averill Kessee can often be heard telling his clients to ‘adjust their situations’ and to ‘let it go.’ It’s a constant reminder that nothing, not even a recipe is set in stone, and anything can be adjusted in the interest of reaching one’s highest potential. He may have just brought out the potential of the yam, with this new take on baked fries.”To … Continue reading Averill Kessee’s Sexy Yam Fries