Detox, Hydrate, and Power Up!

One of the best things about this season is the sheer abundance of fruits and vegetables, and all the amazing ways you can fuel and hydrate your body. One of our favorite recipes is quick, simple and completely delicious – and it addresses multiple needs in a single glass! Our Summer & Spice Smoothie only has 5 ingredients, and each works to make sure you … Continue reading Detox, Hydrate, and Power Up!

Our first attempt at Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish normally comprised of rice and a colorful mix of meat and vegetables on top. Since we are major fans of the plants, we fashioned this first attempt with a healthy mix of herbs and plants on top. Although this dish is traditionally made with rice, we substituted the base (for a play on texture) with glass (sweet potato starch) … Continue reading Our first attempt at Bibimbap

Shahada’s Lentil Burgers

Shahada believes in enjoying as many different flavors as possible! And she doesn’t like to restrict herself when it comes to good (and good for you) food. “People think that I eat like a bird, when the truth is that I eat like a linebacker. My secret is the kind of food that I eat. When you stop eating processed food, you stop counting calories.” … Continue reading Shahada’s Lentil Burgers

Lentil Soup

Overnight Soaked Lentils (doesn’t matter which variety) Large Vidalia Onion, diced 3-5 cloves of fresh garlic, mashed Bell Pepper, diced Baby Red Potatoes, finely diced Carrots (optional), diced Cilantro, chopped Celery (optional), diced Tomatoes (optional), diced Grapeseed oil Saute one large Vidalia Onion and 3-5 cloves of fresh garlic in ½ teaspoon of Grapeseed oil. Add bell peppers or any other vegetables, except cilantro, and … Continue reading Lentil Soup

Averill Kessee’s Sexy Yam Fries

Personal Trainer Averill Kessee can often be heard telling his clients to ‘adjust their situations’ and to ‘let it go.’ It’s a constant reminder that nothing, not even a recipe is set in stone, and anything can be adjusted in the interest of reaching one’s highest potential. He may have just brought out the potential of the yam, with this new take on baked fries.”To … Continue reading Averill Kessee’s Sexy Yam Fries