LOVE: Sit in the Feeling

What happens when you miscalculate a move? What happens when you make that miscalculation publicly? What happens when you miscalculate on a platform that is open to critical response? What happens when said response puts you on the defensive, and triggers the urge to explain yourself… or worse, attack the respondents? How much courage will it take for you to be still… to sit in … Continue reading LOVE: Sit in the Feeling

Love, Jordan

Once upon a time,  the mere mention of ‘self care’ would make me cringe. I’d feel like: “What is this person even talking about… this new-age feel good whatever the hell spiritual/emotional/mental… what does it even mean? Today, I see that the truth was that I didn’t care enough about myself to practice self-care, so I hated what it represented and what it was. I’ve … Continue reading Love, Jordan

LOVE: Note to Self

General romanticism will have you believe that every act of love is a benevolent one; that when we do something out of love that it is automatically categorized as beautiful and comfortable and acceptable. Of course, this notion depends on who you’re talking to. Plenty of parents make decisions for their children out of love. Plenty of children believe that very same decision was born … Continue reading LOVE: Note to Self