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Protect your Peace

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness month. Although mental health is a concern across the nationality/ethnicity spectrum… it’s important to acknowledge the intersection of mental health awareness among traditionally minority populations. In this month’s issue of HABIBI LIFE Magazine, we talk to Clinical Therapist Jackie Benavente about the importance of mental health practices among minorityContinue reading “Protect your Peace”

In Season: Summer Faire

It’s always a good idea to eat fruits and vegetables that are abundant in their natural season. You get the highest nutrient load this way, and the practice keeps you in harmony with nature’s order. Summer is one of the most delicious and abundant seasons of the year, so dive in and experience all ofContinue reading “In Season: Summer Faire”

Spring Cleaning with Food

We are fully immersed in the Spring Community Cleanse, eating foods that are at their peak nutritional offering this season! Our process involves sharing specific recipes that coincide with the season for each cleanse. If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate, don’t worry! We’ll do it all over again next season. In the meantime,Continue reading “Spring Cleaning with Food”

The art of Self Care

A quick scroll through Instagram will give you a visual narrative of what many people consider self care:  a dip in pristine waters off the coast of some exotic beach, a trip to the local day spa for a massage and an overpriced latte, or lighting a special candle beside a tub of perfumed waterContinue reading “The art of Self Care”

Lean into Love

We are firmly in the month of February and the bittersweet holiday of Valentine’s day. It’s bitter for some, sweet for others, but an opportunity for all to make a decision on the idea of love. It doesn’t matter if that love is for oneself, another or an inanimate thing… the concept of filling aContinue reading “Lean into Love”

Thank you for your Support

We are slowly growing, and now taking donations to support the site and the publication of HABIBI LIFE Magazine. There are so many ways to join and support our budding community! You can support by making a customized donation of your choice. As a donor, you are entitled to transparency in the form of paymentsContinue reading “Thank you for your Support”

Community Cleanse Calendar

We’ve found that the best path to sustainable success is with a community. When you are surrounded (either physically or virtually) with like-minded individuals who uplift and support you, you are less likely to give up. Even when your circumstances aren’t their best, the opportunity to share and get suggestions and feedback means you’re encouragedContinue reading “Community Cleanse Calendar”

Time to Check In

We are three weeks into the new year, and the unfortunate reality is that many of us have abandoned our commitments to do the work and evolve to the next stage of our existence. It’s common for resolutions to take a back seat to the day to day realities of surviving, and all of theContinue reading “Time to Check In”

FROM THE MAT: Charlotte Munn

Here’s the official rundown on Charlotte Munn (from LinkedIn): Charlotte is a Yoga Educator of body, brain and spirit solutions for human beings. She has been a full-time teacher since 2009. Awakening the Truth through Yoga is her greatest joy! Charlotte is a master facilitator of both the heart and science of Yoga, and isContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Charlotte Munn”

FROM THE MAT: Synovia Jones

“My preferred exercise is the Sumo Squat. I have a love/hate relationship with it because it hurts, but it does amazing things for your inner thighs and glutes. You can do them anywhere, with or without weights, and even improvise and hold pretty much any object to increase difficulty.”    Synovia Jones is a chefContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Synovia Jones”

FROM THE MAT: Keric Morinaga

“My two highest intentions for practicing yoga are consciousness and bliss. I love modern yoga shapes that are physically demanding and mentally challenging because these poses push me to learn more about myself (consciousness) and they’re also super fun (bliss).” “I think of the yoga practice as a metaphor for life. Each pose represents anContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Keric Morinaga”


“Thanks to my big sister, I’ve been working out for as long as I can remember…13 years old, to be exact. I was a spindly preteen who probably needed every calorie I had, but there I was, jumping and kicking in sync with Janet Jones as we did The Firm every morning. I did thatContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Adila”


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