FROM THE MAT: Charlotte Munn

Here’s the official rundown on Charlotte Munn (from LinkedIn): Charlotte is a Yoga Educator of body, brain and spirit solutions for human beings. She has been a full-time teacher since 2009. Awakening the Truth through Yoga is her greatest joy! Charlotte is a master facilitator of both the heart and science of Yoga, and isContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Charlotte Munn”

FROM THE MAT: Lonni Hawkins Rivera

“Yoga has made me a better human being. Life is always richer and sweeter after yoga. I love the challenge of bringing my mind, body and spirit in alignment. Everyday is different and new. I show up to my mat each day open to growth and discovery.” Although Lonni is in love with all theContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Lonni Hawkins Rivera”

FROM THE MAT: Cambree Doll

“King pigeon is my favorite pose because it stretches so many areas of the body at once and is such a great heart opener.” “I come to my mat daily so I can check in with myself on all levels…mind, body and spirit.  So many things I learn about myself on the mat transfer directly toContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Cambree Doll”

FROM THE MAT: Jennifer Oliver O’Connell

“My favorite go-to these days is called Gate Pose, or Parighasana in the Sanskrit. Between age (I’m 54), menopause, and a more sedentary life, I feel the need to stretch, as well as strengthen, and Gate Pose is a wonderful way to do both.” Now, because Jennifer is a bonafied anatomical BOSS, of course thereContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Jennifer Oliver O’Connell”

FROM THE MAT: Jasmine McKenzie

“I’ve got all sorts of fav poses (as I’m sure most peeps do) but I’m choosing Devaduuta Panna Asana / Fallen Angel. It’s a peaceful inversion, where we get to play with balance and breath. Showing up to my mat is like coming home. It is where my mind settles and my spirit soars.” *Jasmine McKenzie is an actress,Continue reading “FROM THE MAT: Jasmine McKenzie”

FROM THE MAT: Malaika Butoyi

Hi! I’m Malaika of Malaika Vida Yoga. I have been a yoga teacher and meditation coach in Los Angeles for the last 10 years. Here’s me doing Titibhasana – Dragonfly pose – on my friend Hunter’s shoulders. Sharing my yoga with a friend, aka Acro Yoga, has been an unexpected blessing of recent years. AContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Malaika Butoyi”

FROM THE MAT: Synovia Jones

“My preferred exercise is the Sumo Squat. I have a love/hate relationship with it because it hurts, but it does amazing things for your inner thighs and glutes. You can do them anywhere, with or without weights, and even improvise and hold pretty much any object to increase difficulty.”    Synovia Jones is a chefContinue reading “FROM THE MAT: Synovia Jones”