A Treat a Day, through December… YAYY!

What's better than a purchase? A FREE GIFT with purchase! Every day, from now until December 31st, we're offering to sweeten your order a bit with something extra. Sometimes that means a percentage discount. Sometimes that means a free goodie in your box with your order. And sometimes that means BOTH! You'll get an email … Continue reading A Treat a Day, through December… YAYY!


Autumn/Winter 2017: Bourbon Vanilla & Amber

We're excited about our LIMITED EDITION fragrance for the Holidays: BOURBON VANILLA & AMBER! No, it won't get you drunk. But this intoxicating scent is a perfect blend of warm resins and woods, with a shot of sweet vanilla through the center! Bourbon Vanilla doesn't actually have anything to do with the alcoholic libation. It's … Continue reading Autumn/Winter 2017: Bourbon Vanilla & Amber