Help for the Holidays

woman reading book while resting in bathtub

We have officially entered the Holiday Season. With Halloween out of the way, millions of inboxes are already being flooded with ‘early’ Black Friday deals to shore up those Christmas lists. Everyone is out to get your attention (and get your money) before you have the chance to gather your wits and step away from the madness.

It’s normal to feel like you’re being pulled in more directions than you’d like, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all and just want to run away.

Tune into Episode 9: Surviving The Holidays on our podcast as we break down the three likely categories that describe any (or all) of us at any given time during this season. And in the meantime, try these actionable tips to help make things a bit more bearable.

MAKE A LIST: Lists aren’t just for groceries and household chores. They’re also a great way to lay out exactly what you’d like to accomplish – and what you’d like to avoid – over the course of the season. Post it somewhere where you can see it everyday as a reminder of how to navigate this time of year with less angst and more authentic joy. Your list doesn’t have to be complicated… it just has to make sense to you. If you’re more receptive to visuals, consider creating a vision board with sights and textures to help you stay on track.

OUTLINE PRACTICAL OBLIGATIONS: Where do you have to be this season? Some things are unavoidable (there’s probably no way you’re going to be able to get out of certain visits or appearances). Take a look at your obligations and set them up in a way that is most beneficial to you (not those who have expectations of you) and your well-being. That might mean timing your visits to preserve and protect your peace of mind, or stacking them on days when you can knock out several at a time.

SET BOUNDARIES: Learn the art of saying “I’m not available” without adding an explanation. Everyone is not entitled to your time or efforts, especially when their requirements run counter to your health and well-being. In lieu of time, consider recommending (paid or unpaid) help from other sources.

CARVE OUT TIME FOR YOURSELF EACH DAY: It doesn’t have to be hours of alone time to make a difference. Making time and space for yourself to get grounded and centered can make the difference between an effortless day, and one loaded with unnecessary stress. Take a walk, take a bath, meditate, turn off your phone, read a book, take yourself to a movie… the possibilities are endless. While this practice won’t eliminate stress entirely, it may help you gain perspective on any given problem, and help you sold the issue instead of becoming overwhelmed it.

Small steps can make a big difference in how your approach this season, and help you thrive in spite of the trappings that come with it.

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