Lean into Love

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We are firmly in the month of February and the bittersweet holiday of Valentine’s day. It’s bitter for some, sweet for others, but an opportunity for all to make a decision on the idea of love. It doesn’t matter if that love is for oneself, another or an inanimate thing… the concept of filling a space with positive emotion is a choice that we all should strive to make.

We operate from two places: love and fear. This can cause us to make decisions about a person, idea or opportunity in a way that effects us in the future. When operate from fear, we close ourselves to possibility. When we choose to operate from love, we give ourselves the chance to see beyond the immediate.

If your natural inclination is to say ‘no’ or ‘maybe later’ or wait for what you think might be the perfect time to make a decision, take a moment and ask yourself why. Afford yourself the opportunity to grow and thrive. Operate from a space of Love.

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