Community Cleanse Calendar

We’ve found that the best path to sustainable success is with a community. When you are surrounded (either physically or virtually) with like-minded individuals who uplift and support you, you are less likely to give up. Even when your circumstances aren’t their best, the opportunity to share and get suggestions and feedback means you’re encouraged to keep moving closer to your personal goals.

For this reason, we host the NOURISH COMMUNITY CLEANSE four times a year. For 21 days, we learn to shift our relationship with food (and those connected to that relationship), to build lifelong balanced habits and help us truly thrive. We hold the events as the season’s change, and learn to enjoy whole, plant-based foods at their natural nutritional peak.

JANUARY 2022: Winter Cleanse

APRIL 2022: Spring Cleanse

JULY 2022: Summer Cleanse

OCTOBER 2022: Autumn Cleanse

Details for each cleanse are linked the month prior, and often include additional perks and discounts beyond the traditional program. We accept 25 participants per cleanse, so the earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to reserve your space. Once you’ve done one of the cleanses, you become part of the NOURISH community for life. That means you can participate in any cleanses in the future at no additional charge.

You can also keep healthy habits reinfoced with the NOURISH YOUR LIFE cookbook!

Our goal is to help you navigate a fundamental part of human existence (nutrition) with confidence and ease. Start where you are, and learn to evolve to your highest healthiest self.

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