FROM THE MAT: Malaika Butoyi


I’m Malaika of Malaika Vida Yoga. I have been a yoga teacher and meditation coach in Los Angeles for the last 10 years.

Here’s me doing Titibhasana – Dragonfly pose – on my friend Hunter’s shoulders. Sharing my yoga with a friend, aka Acro Yoga, has been an unexpected blessing of recent years. A natural arm-balancer, I love dragonfly pose because it makes me feel strong. 
I feel the back of my heart lift to engage my rhomboids and spread my toes wide with a strong core to find my infinity lines through my hands and feet. My hands fit perfectly along my friend’s back, my weight presses down to massage his shoulders.
In life, as in yoga, we must root down deep into ourselves to find the anchor which carries us through this life with purpose. As we connect with the Dragon lines of the earth, so too we harness the flowing life force energy of the Nadis – Chi lines – within. 
Yoga helps me live a life of purpose. I support you in finding your Dharma – purpose – and ways to manifest your heart’s desire in the world!

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