FROM THE MAT: Lonni Hawkins Rivera

“I show up to my mat because the ancient practice has always held me accountable.”

“Yoga has made me a better human being. Life is always richer and sweeter after yoga. I love the challenge of bringing my mind, body and spirit in alignment. Everyday is different and new. I show up to my mat each day open to growth and discovery.”

Although Lonni is in love with all the movement associated with yoga, she leans into inversions the most.

“I love inversions because I used to be afraid of them. I love the physical rush, because the circulation wakes me up.”

“I love twisty poses because they help to detox the body. Obviously, I love hitting my mat outdoors because I feel connected to nature. It calms me.”

In addition to working as a television journalist and entertainment host, Lonni also teaches yoga. With studios closed around the country, she’s taken her practice online. You can find out all about it on her Instagram, where she shares video and pictures of poses, and tips to help make the most of your practice.


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