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FROM THE MAT: Keric Morinaga

Pinwheel Pose

“My two highest intentions for practicing yoga are consciousness and bliss. I love modern yoga shapes that are physically demanding and mentally challenging because these poses push me to learn more about myself (consciousness) and they’re also super fun (bliss).”

“I think of the yoga practice as a metaphor for life. Each pose represents an event or a challenge in life. Sometimes life gets turned upside down, bent out of shape, and stretched in all directions. Life can often be challenging. Yoga poses can also be challenging. When I am on the yoga mat, I am practicing for life. I’m practicing being calm, centered, balanced, stable, flexible, and strong in the toughest yoga poses so that I might be calm, centered, balanced, stable, flexible, and strong when life gets tough. This is the practice of yoga to me.”

Keric can be found on Instagram being perpetually inspired by yoga, and the humans who manifest the practice in their unique way. He also teaches virtual classes on his website.

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