The January Report


We’re closing out the first month of the New Year with so much gratitude for what has already happened and so much excitement for what’s to come! The past few weeks have whirled by with so many of you reaching out to test and buy HABIBI for the first time! A very hearty and heartfelt WELCOME to all of our new family members. We love and appreciate you, and will work as hard as we can to ensure that your satisfaction is our highest priority. Please know that you can always ask us anything. Feel free to reach out via the CONTACT US page on the website. We always respond within 24-48 hours.

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This month, we also joined the EREWHON Family! You can find a selection of our Bath & Body Products at Erewhon stores in Calabasas and Venice.

VENICE:erewhon venice

Organic Essential Body Bar

Organic Essential Body Wash

Organic Essential Body Lotion

Organic Essential Body Balm

Organic Essential Face Wash (Matcha & Mint)erewhon venice1

Organic Essential Essence

Organic Essential Face Moisturizer (Matcha & Mint)

Organic Essential Healing Oil

Seven Veils Luxury Serum

The products are moving so fast that we’re wondering how many regular HABIBI customers just went into Venice to buy everything up! At last check, the Body Lotion was nearly sold out (as in, there was just one left) and the Body Balm is right behind it! If you happen to stop by the store and you’re looking for the new stock of Seven Veils, you can find it at the front counter in a glass case (where they keep all the super expensive stuff). If you want to test it out before buying it, cozy up to a member of the beauty team for access to the tester. We are so excited that everyone decided to come and check out HABIBI in person at the Venice store. We hope that everyone loves their products as much as we do!

Erewhon CalabasasErewhon Calabasas 1CALABASAS:

Organic Essential Body Wash

Organic Essential Body Lotion

Organic Essential Deodorant

Organic Essential Face Wash (Matcha & Mint)

Organic Essential Face Moisturizer (Matcha & Mint)

Organic Essential Healing Oil

The folks at Calabasas appear to have a similar affinity for the Body Lotion; it was the first item to sell and it continues to sell at a pretty high pace! Right behind it is the Deodorant and the Healing Oil. Now that the staff has been briefed on exactly what to expect with the new Matcha & Mint blends, we expect those to go pretty fast in the coming weeks! By the way, we sent some Seven Veils goodies to Calabasas just because, and everyone was so happy that you might see our signature black bottles in their space as the year ticks on. ūüėČ

We also brought Habibi into the HOME for 2018:

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In addition to the Serenity Space Set and Candles, we also introduced an Multi-Purpose Cleanser that will clean most surfaces (including glass), non-delicate fabrics, and give your space an aromatherapy boost! We’re immensely proud of every formulation, and we hope you feel as good about using it as you do about keeping your space clean and germ-free. There’s also a collection of Essential Oils to keep the aromatherapy going long after the cleanup is done.

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And just when you thought HABIBI LIFE couldn’t get any more decadent… we introduced Seven Veils Incense, for those of you who want to bring the full Seven Veils experience into your homes! Imagine a warm, rich, exotic blend of Oud, Amber, Neroli, and Sandalwood. We’re working on expanding the Seven Veils home line, so stay tuned for new additions!

So as you can see, we’ve been super busy! We’re also working around the clock to get all of your orders filled and out the door. Thank you all so much for all of your love and support as we continue to grow in 2018!


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