Home is where HABIBI is!


We are so excited for 2018, and hope to bring you even more choices to help you live your very best life! We told you that new things were coming on the home front, so here are the details:

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Hooray for essential oils! Several yoga studio owners have been on us about creating blends to use. We are so proud of these oils because they do more than simply make a space smell good. They are specifically designed to clean the air, and each blend invokes a different feeling to help you with whatever goals you’re hoping to reach.

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Of course we had to make candles as well! This endeavor took us a little long because we wanted to make sure we could pour (pun intended) our very best into every single item. These candles are incredibly fragrant, and burn clean with 100% non-GMO soy wax.

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And to keep everything around not just smelling good, but clean and germ-free, we’re proud to offer a multi-purpose cleanser! We’ve honestly been using these blends on our own for years, and we’re happy to share this blend with all of you! This cleanser is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and will keep most hard surfaces (and a few soft ones) clean and germ free. We even clean glass with it. And yogis… we see you. You can use this cleanser to keep your yoga mats clean and fresh with a simple spray and wipe.

All of these items are now available on the HABIBI website! Here’s to clean homes, fresh air, and a germ-free new year!



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