Coming Attractions


We are just days out from the New Year and we have so much to share! Please believe that none of it… NONE OF IT… would be possible without you. Supply is worthless without demand, so if you didn’t want it we would not have cause to create it. Thank you so much for always believing in us, for trusting us, and for letting us keep you clean and moisturized in the healthiest way possible.

2018 brings wonderful opportunities to do even more! First the big stuff:


We cannot tell you how excited we are to be accepted into the Erewhon family! This luxury grade grocery store strictly vets all of its vendors, and Habibi was no exception. If they were going to vouch for us, they needed to make sure we were who we said we were and that we kept our customers needs, health and well being first and foremost in all operations. We’re happy to announce that we passed muster, and will be amber diffuserjoining Erewhon Venice and Erewhon Calabasas in the New Year.

You guys remember the Serenity Space Set, right? Well, it’s expanding! Both blends will be available in a host of new items, so that your home or business can truly become a sanctuary. Our journey from cyber to brick-and-mortar continues with these specialty items at select locations. As we shore up the details, we’ll share them all with you!

Finally, for those of you who spend more time in Downward Facing Dog than walking upright: final beta testing is complete for the one thing that yogis value more than a mat IMG_0276that grips… a mat that doesn’t smell like grungy toes! Several members of the team are avid yogis, and can attest to how nice it is to inhale something lovely when their faces are close to (or on) the mat.

Please know that as always, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Even as we grow, we will continue to work hard and make sure you feel confident about what you are putting on your body (and the bodies of your loved ones), storing in your home or sacred space, and sharing with others in your lives. Thank you for all of your questions, feedback, and general comments. Please know that it only helps us be better. And the better we are, the better we can help make you look and feel your very best.

We leave 2017 with hearts full of gratitude. We enter 2018 with optimism, hope, and happy thoughts for what’s to come.

Love & Light.


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  1. mzteaze says:

    Awesome and congrats!

    I have one customer request for 2018. Can you make a limited offer whipped Shea butter with and without henna for hair?. I’d love a formula that’s light enough for daily use.


    1. Thank you! We are constantly testing new formulations and ingredients. If we come up with something comparable, we’ll let you know! ❤


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