FREE SHIPPING through December 31st


Bet you’re wondering when you even started paying shipping in the first place.

Yes, we heard you.

We’ve received a number of emails asking what the deuce about the shipping? For nearly two years, shipping was free and then BAM! All of a sudden an $8.35 charge shows up in the cart! Now, many of you simply chalked it up to the cost of doing business (it is) and went through with your orders. But some of you actually held the carts hostage, sent an email demanding an explanation, and swore not to hit ‘submit’ until and queries were satistifed!

We get it.

Shipping is one of those funny things that can make or break a sale. It doesn’t matter how small the shipping cost is, the very presence of said cost can cause many a person to hit ‘cancel’ on the proverbial order. In the world of Nordstrom and Amazon, it’s almost expected that a company will simply eat the cost of shipping an item to you. We completely understand.

However, we are not the size of Nordstrom or Amazon (or something even remotely resembling a multi-$$$ anything) and the cost of absorbing shipping actually began to cut into our base operating costs. We’re not even talking about something lofty like a profit… we’re talking about the basic cost of ordering supplies, and turning an order in less time than it takes a burro to cross the state of New Mexico. So we had a choice to make. Because we ship nearly everything USPS Priority Mail, we collaborated for the base rate it would cost to ship you anything across the Continental United States at a flat rate.

That cost to you is $8.35

Now, if you actually check your postage sticker, you’ll see a common denomination between $13.65 and $18.85. That’s what we actually pay in shipping. So what you’re paying is a portion of the actual shipping cost. What we decided was that is was better to add that cost, than to severely raise the price of each product. Since we are consumers ourselves, we understand how annoying it is to buy your favorite product, only to find that the price has jumped $5 (or more)! We think this is a nice compromise, and we hope you agree.

Please know that your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will always work to make sure you are happy with each purchase, and that you paid a fair price for that purchase. So please enjoy free shipping for the remainder of 2017, as a ‘thank you’ for your continued patronage and support.priority ship


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