NEW! Serenity Space Set

Where did the year go? One minute it’s Summer and the next… BAM! Holiday Season! What the hell… talk about trying to get it together in a split second before family and friends get to the central meeting spot. No doubt many of you are fielding phone calls, coordinating airport pickups and rental car reservations, and trying to remember whose job it was to clean the guest bathroom…

Take a deep breath.

Maybe we can help get things spruced up with our new Serenity Space Set. Use the Essential Neutralizer to freshen up any rooms, linens, pet areas or any other place that needs a germ-killing, freshening boost. Keep the Essential Hand Wash and Essential Hand Lotion around to keep yourself clean and germ-free between meals, fussy babies, hygenically-suspect relatives, and any other thing that will undoubtedly not go as planned this season.

There are two blends:  Eucalyptus & Peppermint and Orange & Cinnamon Bark. The first smells clean and fresh with a hint of crispness. The latter smells warm and inviting. The Wash, Lotion, and Neutralizer come as set, boxed and ready to give as a gift… even if that gift is to yourself.

The Space Serenity Set is available for a LIMITED TIME through the Holiday Season.



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