Organic Essential Body Balm

If necessity is the mother of invention, then our Organic Essential Body Balm is a testament. In a world of moisturizers that either absorb too quickly (due to high water or alcohol content) and leave you dry – or sit on your skin (often due to a high wax, butter or large molecular oil content) and never absorb – this is the perfect response. But Organic Essential Body Balm is a rich alternative that both absorbs and heals, leaving a ‘sheen’ instead of greasy residue on your skin.

Just ask some of its biggest fans:

body balm testimonial

There’s a reason this product is our bestseller. Its creation was born of a frustration for not quite getting what we needed by the current market offerings. Every ‘balm’ on the market was either a weak cream full of wax to make it appear thick and luxurious, or a greasy mess of butters and oils that left our skin slick and stained our clothing and sheets. What we strove for was the efficacy of the greasy balms, with the feel and absorption of a luxurious cream… without waxes or too much of a ‘grease’ factor.

What we claim is what is true. This balm goes a long way to heal and nourish your skin. Every ingredient strives to raise your skin to its healthy potential and help you improve the look and feel of your skin over time. You can use it in your hair and all over your body. Unless your skin is super dry and impervious to acne (shea butter can exacerbate the condition), we do not recommend you use it on your face. If you DO use it on your face, we recommend you use the unscented version. While there are thousands of fragranced skin care products the market, we do not believe in adding additional fragrance to anything meant to be used on the face.

Although we don’t claim it, we’ve gotten plenty of feedback from people who use Organic Essential Body Balm to heal eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and even minor cuts… bruises… and blemishes. Nourished skin is the best defense against many skin ailments, so it stands to reason that continued use would improve skin’s ability to stay smooth and blemish free.

Have YOU experienced Organic Essential Body Balm? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts! If you’ve already left a review on the website, THANK YOU SO MUCH. We take every bit of feedback seriously, and strive to keep improving. If not, we’d love to hear from you, and you’re always free to sound off in the comments below!




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