What’s that smell?

air soiled

Raise your hand if this has happened to you:

You use a deodorant for a reasonable length of time and BAM! All of a sudden it stops working. So you switch brands/strengths and that works for a while and then BAM! It stops working again.

Sound familiar?

We know. It’s the pits.

Two things typically happen when suddenly your deodorant lets you down. 1) Your ph has switched. This can be due to a number of factors: diet, weather changes, sudden spikes in stress levels, lack of sleep…the list goes on. 2) Your body has adapted. This happens more often than not. Just like your skin care and hair care that was super awesome for a stretch and then suddenly let you down… the same thing can happen with your deodorant.

smelly pits

Most people respond to suddenly funky pits by upping the ante. They switch to a stronger formula in hopes of battling the sweat and smell. This can lead to skin irritation – and in the case of antiperspirants (which block pores to prevent sweating) – boils in your armpits. Ouch.

We suggest the opposite approach. Give your pits a rest! It’s healthy to take breaks between routines, to give the body a chance to rest and reset. Just like it’s a good idea to clarify your scalp between regular shampoos about once a month, and to modify your skin care routine when your skin stops responding positively, the same is true for your deodorant. Skip a day, or two, or more. Let your pits breathe. If it’s impractical to skip deodorant during the week, give them a rest over the weekend. Keep the area clean as you would regularly (don’t overdo it), and keep your pit skin soothed with aloe. Don’t be afraid to sweat! Sweat is how our body eliminates toxins, so let it do its job.

If you’ve been using the same ‘scented’ deodorant, maybe switch to an unscented version. See if that helps your body stay odor free, without ‘covering’ the odor with additional fragrance.

So the next time your deodorant fails, don’t panic. Just know that it’s your body’s way of telling you that it’s time for a change, hopefully in a happier, healthier direction.



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