When do you need SEVEN VEILS?

We often get inquiries and emails asking what the deal is with Seven Veils. The fault is ours. When we launched Seven Veils Luxury Serum, we were so excited about nailing the perfect balance of ingredients and consistency that we weren’t clear about who would best benefit from it. Since that time we’ve modified the language to better target our intended customer… and even expanded the line to cater to said customer. But still, questions persist. So here we are.

seven veils collection

Seven Veils is specifically a pro-aging product line. That means, it works best on skin that is 35+. About that time, our bodies begin the inevitable journey to the twilight and eventual sunset of our lives. For skin, that sometimes means loss of hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, and even mystery blemishes and spots. It can also manifest in adult acne (the WORST), rosacea, hyperpigmention, melasma and what some have described to us as ‘chicken skin’… which is actually keratosis pilaris. Although people of all ages can suffer seven veils cleanserfrom these skin issues, things get pretty complicated when you factor in skin maturity, tolerance, and recovery speed.

It started with a serum, designed to be used at night alone, or to boost any other skin care item (even cleansers and masks). What sets us apart is formulation and consistency. Many vegan ‘serums’ you find on the market are simply a mix of healing oils. We’ve upgraded that formulation to truly take on a ‘serum’ quality that is both creamy and absorbent. We believe that adding hydration to the skin goes beyond simply putting an oil blend on it, no matter how small the molecular structure of each ingredient. So we kept working until we got the perfect hybrid of cream and oil to make serum.

Demand to expand the line led to the addition of a face and body cleanser, body serum, face moisturizer, exfoliating mask, deodorant and lip creme. A set of luxurious bath bombs (which we can’t keep in stock) round out the current collection.

seven veils bath bombs

As we approach the Holiday Season, two more LIMITED EDITION items will join the lineup. More on that in the weeks to come! We quickly realized that people wanted to treat their entire bodies with the same pro-aging care as their faces, and we have been more than happy to answer the call.

All Seven Veils products smell like the serum… lightly of neroli and sandalwood. We offer a full range of Organic Essential products that allow you to choose the scent of your liking. But because Seven Veils is such a skin-specific line, we avoid any additional fragrances for fragrances’ sake. That means you can use any of the products from head to toe, without concern about potential irritants in any given formula.

So now you know. If we haven’t covered all the bases here, please drop us a line via our CONTACT page, or email, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.



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