ACAI for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

acai isolated

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you’ve no doubt started to see products with all manner of pink slapped on them for good measure. Every year, we come out in full (read: 100% of sales) support for The Foundation for Living Beauty. We’ve been avid supporters of this organization since we first learned about it in 2003, and have made every effort to help uplift and support breast cancer fighters and survivors (appropriately called ‘Living Beauties) since that time.

This year, we’re offering Acai Berry Cream… with 100% of every sale going to the Foundation for the entire month of October.

This cream, as you might imagine, is full of Acai berries. This superfood has been touted as the fountain of youth if you eat it, and even if you wear it. Acai is full of Resveratrol and Ferulic Acid, which help defend the body against damaging free radicals. The combination (which we made) of the berries and oil is the FIRST INGREDIENT. That’s how much acai is in this cream. It’s also packed with Oranges and Lingonberries. Both are full of Vitamin C, and Lingonberries add beta carotene, magnesium, and a pro-aging boost that will literally help you glow.

Here’s the best part about this cream: YOU CAN USE IT FROM HEAD TO TOE! We recommend that only dry skin types use it on the face, because it is pretty hydrating. It smells ever so softly of floral berries. It’s designed to keep your skin hydrated, even your skin tone, and heal minor irritations.

Acai Berry Cream is LIMITED EDITION, and will be available through the Holiday Season. If you’d like to help us support Living Beauties, buy it in the month of October and the Foundation will get 100% of your purchase. Thank you so much for all of your support during any month of the year. We love and appreciate you, and continue to work to help you reveal your best skin today, tomorrow, and always.



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