WIN Habibi Henna Hair Care!


We promised a chance to win…

The Henna Hair Serum and Henna Hair Oil won’t be available for purchase until November 2017. But you’ve got a chance to get your hands on it first during the month of October! There will be four chances to win. We are giving away both items as a set in the first week, and then one Hair Serum each week after.


Like all of our other products, these two new additions subscribe to the same philosophy:  every ingredient serves a purpose. You won’t find IMG_4547any added fillers, or chemical preservatives. Each ingredient is  meant to nourish your scalp, promote hair growth, and leave your hair soft and strong. They are both suitable to all hair types, but the WAY you use it is up to you. Both can be used a treatment before shampoo and conditioner, a treatment after shampoo and conditioner, or to maintain hair’s health in between shampoos. Or heck, all three! Do what makes you hair look and behave it’s best. We make products with your optimum health and wellness in mind. The rest is up to you. 😉

To win, all you have to do is get social with us! Follow us here on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and leave a comment in each place about why you’d like to win! We will pick one winner from each place, for a total of four winners.

Once the products are publicly released, they will come in two sizes. But you’re winning the LARGEST of those sizes. That means 16 ounces of Hair Serum and 8 Ounces of Hair Oil!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen K says:

    Henna hair oil and henna hair serum? Are you guys serious right now?? First you cure my dry face and legs with your seven veil serums and your body balm. Now you wanna possibly rescue my spit ends and itchy scalp? Yes PLEASE!!! I would LOVE to win this set. I don’t use commercial hair products at all and I have been waiting for you guys to make hair products. I already use the body oil on my hair and it’s amazing. I just spent all weekend henna-ing my hair and these products would make an amazing addition in my hair care regimen and to my henna recipe.

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  2. Liz Female Meek says:

    Wow, these products would an amazing addition to my hair care routine, with winter coming their rich moisturizing will keep my hair looking it’s best all the time. Hope I win. Thank for this awesome contest !!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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