What’s Your Status?

All performance, no fluff…

We’re upgrading the way you keep track of your orders. The new season brings new upgrades to our processing and shipping system, and that means you have more knowledge of  your order as it moves from ‘New’ to ‘Processing’ to ‘Shipped.’


It takes 24-36 hours to move your order from ‘New’ to ‘Processing.’ That’s because your order starts to take place in the processing que in real time. That might mean your order gets turned right away from an existing small batch of base ingredients. Or, it might mean a new batch has to be created to fulfill your order. Either way, rest assured that the final product (in your scent, with applicable active ingredients added) is made for you and you alone. You will never get product that has been sitting around, or any product that has been returned or exchanged.

When your order moves to processing, it will also come with a ‘date’ under shipping. That will tell you exactly how long it will take to process your order before it is shipped to you. This will prevent the inevitable day counting, waiting by the mailbox, and eventually the sternly worded email wondering where theexclamation pointyour order is. We understand your extremely valid questions, and we respect your need to know exactly when you can expect your order to arrive. We value and appreciate each and every one of you. Please know that your happiness is our highest priority.


So check your status, take a deep breath, and know that no matter what… we are here for you.


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