Strong Hair Don’t Care

Bring on the elements! The most glorious crowns atop our heads are not made of the strong hairlongest strands… but the strongest. Strong, healthy hair can stand strong hair 1up to the worst abuses, be they caused by nature or our own hand (we see you over there with the blow dryer/flat iron/hair spray). We commonly take the strong hair of our youth for granted, assuming that it will forgive us and grow back with little evidence of our past sins. We soon find out that as we age, we are less likely to retain that strength and vitality (and recovery time) without first changing our ways, and eventually changing our hair care.

The team at Habibi Bath & Body is overjoyed to announce two new products that might help you do just that. The new HENNA range is designed to specifically target the needs of all hair types, but specifically hair that suffers from loss, damage, or breakage. We’ve pulled together the who’s who of hair care ingredients, and packed them all into one powerful formula.

Our new Organic Essential Hair Serum can be used on all hair types, and on wet or dry hair. How much you use depends on your hair’s individual needs. Dry or thick hair will naturally need to use more than oily or fine hair. And we’ve found that each hair type responds differently depending on whether it’s wet or dry. We’ve found that wet hair absorbs the serum more readily than dry hair (which is due to hair’s porous nature when wet). It’s been tested across the spectrum of hair types, and all results came back positive!


We are also pleased to offer a concentrated Organic Essential Hair Oil. This does NOT replace the current Organic Essential Hair & Body Oil that so many of you enjoy. This oil is a powerhouse of hair care ingredients, including the elusive Katira, which helps to bond the oil to the hair strand and protect it from external elements. Like all of our treatement products, this oil can be used directly on the hair or added to any shampoo, conditioner or hair treatment for a nourishing boost.

Habibi HENNA officially debuts November 2017. Stay tuned for a chance to get it sooner, and an upcoming giveaway! Here’s to good habits to promote strong, healthy hair, no matter your age or hair type.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mzteaze says:

    That sounds quite awesome. Looking forward to this product.


  2. Adila Abdul-Karim says:

    I’ve tried it and I love it!!! Ooops….was I supposed to spill the beans…


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