Skincare Between Seasons

We often think of seasons in terms of absolutes; the sweltering heat of Summer verus the biting cold of Winter. But it’s the ‘in between’ seasons, Spring and Autumn, that give us fall-pumpkins-chs-2the chance to adapt our skin to the coming conditions and help us straddle each change beautifully and effectively.

With Autumn just days away, now is a good time to take stock of your skincare routine and adjust accordingly. No matter if your skin trends to oily or dry, it’s a good idea to beef up the hydration and protective nature of your skincare. Skin type will determine exactly what kind of product or ingredient will provide those benefits. Both can benefit from ‘boosters’ to your regular skin care regimen, in the form of Organic Essential Healing Oil or Organic Essential Soothing Serum. The former is completely oil based, and although very light in texture, goes a long way to boosting hydration levels without ingredients that might clash or deactivate anything in your standard skincare routine. The latter offers the same nourishing levels of hydration but uses Aloe and Tremella Mushroom to get the job done, to keep pores clear of potential excess oil and discourage the overproduction of sebum.

Beyond simply boosting an additional product, these two little miracle workers can also be used directly on any part of your body (including your face), to soothe away any irritations or inflamed skin.

The best way to ease your skin into transition is gently. This is an excellent time to take stock of your skincare routine, and maybe consider eliminating excess steps or products to help ease your skin into the coming winter with as little trauma as possible. The stronger your skin is without the crutch of excess products, the more likely it is to thrive in the coming seasons, beautifully and flawlessly.



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