Winter is Coming…

We will not apologize for the Game of Thrones reference. Nope.

The changing seasons means its time to modify your skin care routine to keep your face and body in top shape with the coming winter. Cold temperatures can lead to dry or irritated skin. Even if your skin is naturally oily, it can still become dehydrated in the colder seasons. The best defense is to keep skin soothed and hydrated, no matter your skin type.

Habibi Boosters

Habibi boosters are just that; a formula to use alone or to ‘boost’ your skin care (even if your primary skin care is NOT Habibi. We never judge). Our top boosters are Seven Veils Luxury Serum, Organic Essential Soothing Serum, and Organic Essential Healing Oil. Each serves a specific purpose to help heal and soothe the skin, and can make all the difference between completely changing your skin care routine, or simply modifying it.

Below the neck, winter often means dry chapped skin. The best way to seal in moisture is with Organic Essential Body Balm. This thick, rich formula will go a long way to soothe, heal, and repair dry cracked skin. You can even use it to nourish super dry hair, and tame flyaways, The formula is very thick and highly concentrated, so remember: a little goes a very long way!

We recommend using this powerful formula after a bath or shower at night, and letting it really soak into your skin as you sleep. You’re always welcome to use it any time of day, but for truly silky skin, we encourage you to really give it time to work. Our body balm has a cumulative effect. That means the more you use it, the better your skin will look and feel. The primary ingredient is organic raw shea butter, so we do not recommend using it on your face. Shea can clog pores and exacerbate acne-prone skin. Keep it below the neck and you should be all good!

Keep your skin clean and hydrated all winter long, and you’re sure to emerge from the cold looking and feeling your very best.


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